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Dj Deejay Djay specializes in playing a wide array of unique mixes and mashups. Tasteful, current mixes blended with hits that span throughout the decades makes every show new and fun. His goal is to create a lively, safe, cultural vibe with a wide variety of musical styles that inspire creativity. Dj Deejay Djay makes a soulful environment to network, gather, dance, drink, or whatever the event has in store.



Blocktoberfest  - Dj Deejay Djay hosted and gave musical support at Dual Citizen Brewery’s ( annual block party. He was instrumental in announcing performers and keeping the crowd engaged as acts came on and off stage. He gave sponsorship shoutouts and ended with an afterparty increasing liquor sales and crowd engagement.

Buy Black Friday - Dj Deejay Djay created an event in partnership with Unbias (, a geo-based app that promotes black businesses and hiring outreach. The event helped further strengthen community bonds with the local brewery and surrounding black businesses while signing up new users to the app. He also created an engaging social media promotion that boosted customer traffic.


  1. Create an enjoyable, safe space to celebrate a variety of cultural music.

  2. Shine a light on entrepreneurs and influencers who do good in their community.

  3. Highlight continued effort to support and network within the BIPOC community.

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